The importance of role models

There are lots of unhelpful stereo-types around cyber and the technology industry and lots of different types of roles and specialisms.

Role models are key to showing young people that a career in cyber security or technology can be for everyone.

Many people working in the cyber security industry have completely different career paths and experiences, and others may even feel they're "not technical enough" to be a role model.

The truth is we need people from all walks of life and all abilities to play their part in making the UK the safest place to live and work online. You could be the perfect role model.

Diversity is more than gender and ethnicity. It's the way people think, the way they tackle problems and the experiences they can bring.

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Ben: An Unset Path

Sixth Form

Biology, Psychology, Design + Technology but dropped out during the second year of A-Levels

A Change in Education

Ben really wanted to join the police force and studied a BTEC Diploma in Uniformed Public Services. Ben originally wasn't keen on going to university but decided to pursue a Diploma in Policing Studies

Becoming a Special Constable

Ben applied 3 times to become a Special Constable, it was only on his third attempt that he was successful. He also did some voluntary youth work alongside his policing studies.

A Change of Heart

At the end of Ben's three-year policing course, he changed his mind and found an opportunity to do a Masters Degree in Policing and Cyber Crime. Ben found it challenging going from not-very-technical to a very technical course, but he achieved a 2:1

Technical Director!

After completing his degree, Ben not only start his own company, but he also worked part-time for Infrastar as a sales and technical consultant... In less than a year he was promoted to Technical Director!

We all start in different places

Dora's story

I come from a non-cyber background as I worked in marketing, business change and communication for many years before transitioning into the world of cyber.

My varied background has actually helped me better understand and engage with people, which is super relevant in my current role”

An Information Security Training & Awareness Specialist

I now work at DAZN, global sports media organisation, where I lead the global security training and awareness programme.

My role requires high engagement across all departments, it is creative and analytical. I design training content and examine data to ensure our interventions have a positive effect in building a resilient and cyber security aware workforce.

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