Meet Molly

When I was at college, I attended a cyber careers event hosted by the Cyber Security Challenge at Bournemouth University. As a student keen to pursue a career in cyber security, I would always ask companies if they offered work placements and NCC Group did.

I have completed 3 one week work placements with NCC Group and am due to start a technical security internship this year with the company. All the work placements have given me the opportunity to explore the different areas within cyber security.

Networking is a valuable skill and although I found it challenging to begin with, the more I networked with people, the more confident I became in talking to others.
Learning new skills can be quite daunting but if you put the time and effort in, you quickly gain confidence and soon see results.

NCC Group Intern

I had the opportunity to learn some of the skills valued within cyber security for instance, Python, computer networking and web applications.

Also, I was able to shadow graduates and cyber security consultants and saw the work they do to keep their clients secure.

Work placements at NCC Group really motivated me to pursue this career and I am now studying a BSc (Hons) in Cyber and Computer Security at university, hoping in the future to become a cyber security consultant.

I enjoyed talking to cyber security consultants about their specialist subjects and hearing their stories of how they got into cyber security. Seeing the work first-hand gave me the motivation to pursue this career because of the difference it makes to people’s lives by protecting them.

My thoughts

People from all backgrounds can have a successful career in cyber security. I have learnt that when you have people with different perspectives, a diverse approach to problem solving can be achieved.

Cyber security isn’t all about the technical aspects. Understanding how humans behave / think and why they think a certain way is also as important as the technical skills.

There is lots of support and resources available to help students pursue a career in cyber security for example Cyber Discovery, Cyber Security Challenge, Codeacademy, Code First Girls.

During my placements within NCC Group, I have learnt that the cyber security community is so friendly and everyone I have spoken to has helped me because they genuinely care about my career and so I have never been afraid to ask questions.