Clare Johnson

I work at the University of South Wales, where my role includes developing partnerships with industry to help shape our educational provision in cyber security and other STEM subjects.

I am also the Director and Founder of Women in Cyber Wales, a network for women working in the cyber security sector.

Much of my work aligns with our collaborative partner, Thales, at the National Digital Exploitation Centre, which focuses on creating inspirational educational outreach activities in cyber security.

My initial degree is in music but I have been teaching computing and cyber security for over 20 years as I love technology and the way it is constantly evolving.

Fun fact: I can solve the Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes.

Partnerships and Outreach Manager

I became a CyberFirst Ambassador because I am passionate about encouraging young people to consider careers in cyber security as it is an exciting industry that offers a huge variety of opportunities.

If you love problem solving, you will love cyber, and I’m really keen that people are given the chance to see how their skills and interests can be a great fit into this industry.

My role as an ambassador is closely linked to schools’ outreach activities by bringing fun and engaging activities to children, as well as to community groups and businesses.

I speak frequently on panels and at events about developing cyber skills as it is important that industry and individuals consider the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Dr. Sara Correia

I am a Lecturer at Swansea University’s HRC School of Law and my work draws on inter-disciplinarity, and collaborations outside academia, at the intersection of law and technology.

I have been a researcher in industry, academia, and public sectors, and have taught across law and criminology.

Currently, I am working with South Wales Police and third sector organisations, to develop a 'Cyber Clinic’. We hope to capture the impact on, and support needs of, crime victims, to help protect them in this digital world.

In my spare time, I produce and co-present the Digital Faultlines podcast (previously known as the Swansea Cyber Law and Security podcast).

Lecturer in Cyber Threats

I became a CyberFirst ambassador in order to engage educators and businesses in the Southern Wales region and beyond, in creating and encouraging the next generation of creative and critically engaged cyber-skilled citizens.

Cyber skills are essential in all walks of life, and they are a lot of fun! At the same time, the tech and cyber industries need a wide range of talent and perspectives, so they can meet the challenges of building a fair, sustainable and multicultural society.

John Davies

I believe that you can get anything you want in life, if you help enough other people to get what they want first.

I'm a Welsh-speaking entrepreneur with a passion for cyber security who keeps fit by raising money for armed forces charities through a passion for cycling & climbing in the Brecon Beacons. I am the CEO of Pervade Software Ltd.

I am really proud to be a CyberFirst Schools and Colleges Ambassador and I spend most of my time doing things that are related to cyber security. The work is really exciting, it’s like being in a ‘Red Team – Blue Team’ game against hackers every day but instead of capturing flags, I am helping to catch criminals and helping people protect themselves and their organisations from cyber attacks.

I help people learn more about cyber, including encouraging young people to engage with computer science and the application of cyber security in every day technology. There is no better place to do this than in schools and colleges and if a school is committed to providing a structured approach to excellence in cyber security education, then I am prepared to commit to helping them.

CEO Pervade Software Ltd

My role as a CyberFirst ambassador has two aspects to it: sharing my knowledge and experience of the cyber security world; and connecting people together.

Through the Ambassador programme and my work with the Cyber Wales ecosystem I have had the privilege to help with the ambitious Cyber Coleg Cymru initiative, support Careers Days, connect students and teachers with cyber experts and employers, and provide students with more information about the industry, job roles and the challenges facing the cyber community. I also run coaching sessions for teachers and learning sessions at schools supporting NCSC’s strategy.

The best part of being a CyberFirst Ambassador is the opportunity to connect the world-famous experts with the next generation of budding young cyber experts - a very exciting future!

Holly Lidbury

As the education lead at the National Digital Exploitation Centre, it is my job to inspire young people towards a career in cyber security and wider digital industries.

I have worked in various roles that mix STEM and education, from project delivery, to teaching maths and IT.

I am interested in different methods of alleviating educational inequalities.

Outside of work I love to read, as my first degree was in English Literature. I also love to walk my beautiful border collie, Ava!

NDEC Education Lead

As a CyberFirst ambassador, I use the CyberFirst initiatives to support my work promoting cyber security in Wales.

I am particularly passionate about promoting the Girls Competition, as I would love to see more women entering this industry.

I became an ambassador because I want more students and schools in Wales to see the importance of cyber and computing education, and to help them develop this.